Thursday, March 24, 2011

Children’s Self-Defense for the Streets

Pictured are some of the Children in the Little Dragons Class practicing how to get out of their backpacks. Front row (L-R) Eyad Salem, Celina Caicedo, Imaan Massod. Back row Areli Jimenez.
On the week of March 14, 2011, the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts in Hamden held their “Children’s Self-Defense for the Streets - Winter Street Clothes Week”. This is where the students wore their regular clothes to class. On one of the days during the week, the children wore their school clothes and on the other day, they wore the clothes that they would normally hang out in. For the children who participate in our free style fighting class – sparring class they chose a different style of clothes to wear. The Academy also asked the students to bring in any accessories they use on a daily basis, such as backpacks and shoulder bags.
 At the Academy, it is important for the students to understand their Martial Arts movements and how to use them in a real situation. “With all of the bullying and crime towards children on the rise there are more parents coming into the Academy with self-defense on their mind. This week’s lesson plan brought the students’ understanding of self-defense to a new level. Our students learned how to overcome the restrictions that their clothes may impose on their movements and how to defend against someone who is trying to use their clothes (such as hoods, hats, jackets, etc.) against them. Another part of the Children’s Self-Defense for the Streets - Street Clothes Week was learning how to defend against someone trying to use the accessories against them as well as learning how to use those same accessories as a self-defense tool,” said Shihan Frank Ciarleglio, a 5th Degree Black Belt and Instructor at the Hamden Academy.
For more information on the Academy, you can call (203) 288-9990 or visit them on the web at While on the web site, please check out the photos of Children’s Self-Defense for the Streets - Street Clothes Week.



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